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What if you could have one website that gives you all the digital marketing assests that you need for your business and get the results that all other agencies continue to promise but never deliver? 

Well, you found this page for a good reason so be prepared to finally get what you have been wanting from your digital marketing company. 

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How can we make SEO an affordable option for you?

What we realized through our research and development is that there are many different types of business owners. 

You have those business owners that have an established business with a lot of capital to invest in their marketing and can afford the regular to expensive cost that SEO does cost to get quick and efficient results.  These business owners understand that SEO is an additional part of the marketing cost a business must invest in and in turn are willing to invest amounts of money in the thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars a month required to complete with big competition in their market.  These business owners don’t flinch at a hefty expense and write a check because they have experience in marketing and investing, thus understanding the time, effort and expense this cost will incur and help them gain in revenue in the long run.

The next type of business owner understands the need for marketing in their business and that SEO is a part of their marketing efforts but do not have the capital to invest that the business owners above have to invest.  These business owners have well established business and their competition is fierce but nowhere near fierce that bug companies face in their market.  These business owners are willing to invest amounts in the $1,000’s, $5,000’s, $10,000’s, up to $100,000’s of dollars a month on this invest cost.

The final type of business owner is the one who is brand new, just getting started and doesn’t know who to turn to for assistance and the business owner that si still trying to run their business the old fashion way and wants to get their marketing done for cheap to no real expense in cost. These business owners are not ready to get rid of their hard earned money due to the hard work they have put in acquiring clients through their other types of marketing efforts and do not trust digital marketing yet either because they have had a bad experience in the past or have not made the plunge to get involved in this type of marketing.

Fortunately we help all types of business owners from the first who is ready to write a check and knows that it will be expensive, the second who also is ready to write a check but not as large and the third who is weary of writing that check because they do not want their money to go to waste because they don’t have a lot of it to spend and need every dollar to count.

No matter which business owner you are, we make every dollar count at any level you are at.  The more money you spend means that you can be a top competitor and get results others only dream about, but just because you don’t have a lot doesn’t mean you won’t get results.  The results will just come in a lot slower and make it more difficult to compete with high competition and the strategy will be changed to focus on lower competitive easier targets.  You would be surprised how much opportunity is out their and starting somewhere is better than never getting started. 

I advise new business owners to start at a level that gains them stability with the search engines and gradually increase with their level of comfort in digital marketing.  Another thing I warn business owners is that they should have other forms of marketing in place besides SEO because this is not a one stop shop get all and be done kind of marketing in the beginning.  SEO takes time and a lot of it.  If you are paying high dollar then you are an established business that will get quicker results than the lower dollar investment.  Be willing to accept the time period that is stated and possibly a little longer depending on the changes with the search engine algorithms. The results will come, just be patient and know they are coming.  Some business owners get impatient and start to worry but don’t do it.  If you want quicker results than that will require a higher investment.  If this becomes the case with your business kindly let us know and we will be happy to reevaluate the results you want and readjust your monthly investment to fit your needs.

We look forward to doing business with you and helping you gain the trust and results you have always desired with a Digital Marketing Agency.


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